Old soul, Young heart.

"And the three men I admire most, the Father, son, and the Holy Ghost... they caught the last train for the coast the day the music died." - 1971 American Pie, Don McLean

Better than Disney

You have found me, Prince of Peace. 
Escort me down everlasting paths, where your love can increase.
And when the going gets tough and my emotions turn blue, 
may Your Helper whisper to me, “My peace I give to you.”
In my constant search for true love among men short and tall, 
You have opened my eyes, preventing yet another hopeless fall. 
When all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men
could not provide enough for me, not with diamonds nor linen, 
You stepped into my life with your shield to protect, 
Your glorious nature and mystery rising above all intellect. 
You guard my heart, O LORD, yes, You are enough, 
For the void I tried to fill with people and stuff.
Faithful and true, You are every girls’ dream.
We hoped for You, we longed for You as desperate young teens.
Loving me wholly and unconditionally, my imperfections too, 
You tell me, “You are all together beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” 
Jesus, are my Prince of Peace, and as Your bride I will stay, 
In this divine romance, O Lord, I can sail far far away. ♥


It’s been a while… but for a good cause

While I have been away from you Oh dearest Tumblr, I have been also away from my very self. And this, I applaud my God for. He has surely been deflecting my attention from my own needs and shining it onto the hearts and needs of others. I have never felt God using me this much to gently but ferociously love on others. And, what’s amazing about all of this, my needs are being met to the full and more as I surrender to Him every morning. 

Listing off some things which God has been using me for:

1)Nannying- being a light to perhaps the cutest and sweetest children from India. Akshaj (5) and Esha (8). Throughout the past 8 weeks, I have watched these kids 18 hours a week and feel as if I barely work most of the time. Our days consist of playing, homework, and just discussing the important issues which arise in a child’s mind… like the shape of clouds. :) I have come to love them as my own and when I am with them, my 8-year-old self is released and, suddenly, all things are possible and I’ve not a care in the galaxy. It’s a beautiful revelation God has shown me. Through these kids, I am able to see just how much I can love another and feel the rewards of it. I mean, I literally lay in bed at night smiling and thinking about my daily activities playing Twister and singing songs. It makes me so excited to be a mommy someday:)

2) High school Ministry Leader at CRB- I love it! even though I am often the girl serving nachos or Italian sodas, I still get joy out of connecting with and praying with the highschoolers that come to the Sunday night service. AND the other leaders are fantastic. They keep me laughing for days:) God is teaching me how awesome it is to deeply discover more about all different types of people. He gives us all a variety of unique talents and I am able to marvel at the beautiful ways he’s put together these kids:)

3) Athletes’ Intervarsity at CSUSM- So this is a recent started up group on campus. Another testimony to God’s amazing works in my life. A girl named Kelsey, a leader at Intervarsity at CSUSM was referred to me by someone to help possible start up an Athlete’s group. After several meetings with Kelsey and another interested athlete, we’ve taken steps to create a vision for the group, sought ways to prepare the grounds for harvest, all before we begin to plant seeds and produce fruit. I am so excited to see the ball begin to roll. Our vision is to bring transformation and unity to our teams and to strive for the prize that is eternal. I can’t wait to see how Christ transforms our athletic department! And boy am I blessed to call myself a leader in the beginning stages of this amazing group. 

4) Running- wow, running. I can’t even begin to tell you how well things have been going. I have been beyond blessed as God uses me for his glory! I can genuinely say that I no longer identify myself as a runner but as a servant of Christ.. IF he chooses to use me in such a way as running, so be it. If not, I am still serving Him. Workouts have been phenomenal and I see big things for the end of the season! Each race, I am astonished by the results.. It’s like I’m in a different world out there on the course. As I was telling some friends the other day, I often think of Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.” Somehow, I am able to be still and trust quietly in God’s almighty power and wisdom. Yep, it is possible to do this while running :) it’s not me out there, it’s Him who uses me.

On another note, I have a suggestion for anyone seeking a way to really improve their prayer life: JOURNAL! I have been journaling to God every morning (and sometimes night) for the past 2 months and it really helps me to get everything out raw and clear. PLUS, it helps me evaluate what’s going on in my life. Besides, prayer is a blessing to us and God wants us to pray because it helps US!  I love rereading some of my past entries and marveling at the ways God answered my prayers since then!! It really is incredible. please try it and you will come to know Christ in a much deeper way while coming to know yourself as well! 

Well that is all for now. LA PAZ SIEMPRE <3 


Forgiveness for you.

"Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…"

Does this “will” exempt us from forgiving seventy times seven?

I would like to think not because as we show mercy, mercy is shown to us.

And, boy, do I need mercy, among selfishness and anger and greed and lust. 

The second we think ourselves perfect, entitled and worthy

Is the second we decieve ourselves, as we are mere humans, just thinking earthly

That person did what? He hurt your feelings?

Well what’s all this hype about feelings? Aren’t they only the most wavering of things?

May I remind you of our nature as humans in this very peculiar, very strange reality…

Perfection may be one’s goal but everyone’s caught a permanent flu of sinning in all actuality. 

"But he’s evil" you say, " That is his only goal!" Yes, a sad thing, indeed, it may be true. 

But must you suffer and groan as a result of his doings? No no, that’s a silly thing to do. 

You have a part in resentments you see… 

And holding them is never what it’s cracked up to be.

I shall let you in on a mighty big secret. It will be of aid to you, I am sure. 

That thing, “Forgiveness”, Yeah it’s not necessarily for him, it’s for you good sir. 

So that heavy weight you imposed on your own heart.. let’s call it a grudge.

With the big picture in mind, is it worth it? Not even a smudge. 

So do yourself a favor. That heaven-forbid imperfect human being you hate…

Give him what we all need, including you, a squeaky clean slate. 

Here’s your chance to liberate. I know it’s helped me move onward in this big sea. 

Go on little birds. It’s your time to fly merciful, forgiven, and free. 

I wrote this poem because God’s really been speaking to my heart about forgiveness and the burden of holding a grudge. It hurts me to see other’s struggle with this and I, personally, know the heavy stress it can be. I hope this inspires you to forgive and to have a merciful heart.. because nobody’s perfect.  -Chelsey